The Dancing, Dying Lilies. A poem by iamnobird94

the_dreams_in_which_i__m_dying_by_mordachai71The dancing, dying Lilies

Into the darkness that engulfs the soul
One choice that could not comply
A tear stained pillow
Take me to the fields of lilies
Whereby I may mourn
Where hope is left to dwindle
And joy is no more.

Thanks for reading my short poem! I hope you liked it, this poem emerged from a lot of pain and I had a lot of inspiration from the wonderful ‘William Wordsworth’ and his beautiful poems. I thought a twist to the nature was needed to describe how I felt. Lillie’s are nicknamed the ‘mourning or death’ flower, they also happen to be my favourites. Sometimes sadness is a necessary emotion, an emotion that must be acknowledged and felt as deeply as any other, we tend to avoid feeling such a raw emotion, preferring happiness or love. This short poem follows the protagonists need to accept their sorrow, and feel it as they should. If you liked this poem, check out my other WordPress posts, I have many more, if you have any thoughts or suggestions comment them. I LOVE hearing feedback so please do so if you can! Thank you!


15 thoughts on “The Dancing, Dying Lilies. A poem by iamnobird94

  1. I love that you took your deep emotions that you were feeling and turned it into something as beautiful and simple as this. I love the amount of time and thought you put into your work as well, and your message at the end left me with knowledge that I didn’t have before. So I’ve nominated you for a challenge (: I really would like to see what you can come up with! My latest post has all the details!!


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